The easiest way to contribute to a better world. We tap water, how about you?

One million plastic water bottles are thrown out every day in the Netherlands alone, even though our water is close to the best tapwater in the world. That’s a shame and that is why WeTapWater makes sustainable products that allow you to drink tapwater. Our watertaps, bottles and waterjars make it easy for you to tap water, so you don’t have to buy single use plastic bottles. It’s an easy way to contribute to a better world, because prevention is better then cure!




Liters tapped water


bottles saved

What comes from far isn’t always better

Drink mineral water that need to be packed and transported? Packed in plastic that will be thrown out after a single use? No, we prever local water. That’s an easy way to contribute to a better world. Tasty, healthy and less waste. Drink your local water  at the office, in hospitality industry, or at school.


Why WeTapWater and you should too!

We develop carafes, bottles, glasses and unique water taps made from wood and steel. These water taps deliver cooled and sparkling water through clever connection to the excisting water network. You can find the WeTapWater taps (and carafes, bottles and glasses) at renowned companies and institutions (amongst other: ABN AMRO circle, AMC, Schiphol VIP centre, de Bijenkorf department store and Landal Green Parks) and we want to help many other clients in making their water use more sustainable.