An easy way to contribute to a more sustainable world. We Tap Water, how about you?

In the Netherlands alone, approximately one million plastic bottles are thrown out every day, even though we have some of the best tap water in the word. We have a mission to drastically reduce these numbers, in an innovative and sustainable way. We design, produce and install high quality products to allow you to make the most of your tap water. Our beautiful water taps producing filtered, cooled and sparkling water, paired with the reusable water bottles and water jars makes it easy for you to make the move. You will no longer be fuelling an outdated industry whose focus is profit, rather than planet. We can make the world a better place, because prevention is better than a cure!




Liters tapped water


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Environmental impact

Single use, plastic water bottles have to come from somewhere right? Have you ever thought about where that packaging has come from, how many thousands of kilometres that plastic bottle has travelled to end up at your local supermarket? For you to drink and dispose of after a single use. It then travels some more to end up in a land fill, only to biodegrade on average after 450 years! It doesn’t have to be this way. Drink your local water  at the office, in hospitality industry, or at school. We say yes to local, filtered, cooled and sparkling water at your fingertips. WeTapWater!


Why WeTapWater and you should too!

We develop. We design. We install. WeTapWater

Our unique water taps are sourced from high quality material, to ensure long lasting and sustainable use. These deliver cooled and sparkling water through clever connections from your existing water network. We develop carafes, bottles and glasses to ensure you have the highest quality products for your sustainable, local water. Take the step, for a more sustainable environment.