Who is WeTapWater?

Less wastage by creating unique water taps for companies, hospitality service and schools.  Are you in? 

 WeTapWater is a social enterprise. Set up in 2010 by two friends who were searching for an alternative for mineral water packed in single-use plastic, without the nastiness of waste and transport. They started a movement against single-use plastic bottles and the absurd marketing of producers of mineral water like Nestle, Coca Cola Company or PepsiCo. 


It all started with sustainable waterbottles. Nowadays we reduce the use of single-use plastic at companies, hospitality services and schools by installing unique WeTapWater taps, to tap cooled and sparkling tapwater. To increase the impact we offer a distinctive range of craft syrups for you to make your lemonade on the spot. Using only the freshest, best ingredients without adding artificial fragrances.

Our Goals

  • Develop unique and sustainable water taps for the office, hospitality service, schools and events.
  • To inform about tapwater and the ecological, social, economical and political causes of privatizing and wrapping up drinking water.
  • Reduce the sales of single-use plastic waterbottles.
  • Getting tapwater on the menu as a fully-fledged alternative to mineralwater.

Do you want to know more about WeTapWater or do you have another question? Let us know!


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