Who we are


WeTapWater is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottle waste. We create unique water taps for companies, hospitality services and schools, with the goal to eliminate waste and create a better future for our planet. Join us and start a revolution.

WeTapWater is a social enterprise, founded in 2010 by two friends on a mission to find an alternative to mineral water packaged in single-use plastic. The goal? To drastically reduce the consumption of fossil fuels used to transport these products from one side of the world to another, and to eliminate plastic waste from landfills. They started a movement against single use plastic bottles, out of necessity for the planet.

It all started with sustainable water bottles, and now we are reducing the amount of plastic single-use bottles by installing our unique WeTapWater taps at companies, for caterers and in schools. We also offer a range of craft syrups coupled with the sparkling water tap, to decrease the waste of single-use soda drink bottles. You can easily create lemonade and other flavoured soft drinks, at the tip of your fingertips. You can also be sure that only the freshest ingredients are being used, with no artificial fragrances.

Our Goals

  • Develop unique and sustainable water taps for the office, for use by the hospitality industry, in schools and for events.
  • To educate and inform about the positive impacts of utilising tap water and the ecological, social, economical and political consequences of privatizing and wrapping up drinking water.
  • To drastically reduce the sales of single-use plastic water bottles.
  • Getting WeTapWater water on the menu as a fully-fledged alternative to mineral water.

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