A WeTapWater tap?

Our beautiful taps makes it easy to reduce the waste and transport of single-use bottles

Did you know that you can join our battle against single-use bottles at your workplace? Our WeTapWater taps, syrups and glaswork makes drinking local tapwater fun, easy and delicious!


at the office

Watertap stand

at school

Watertap column

in the hospitality industry

Delicious, local & sustainable

  • Filtered, cooled and sparkling tapwater
  • Tap made of wood and stainless steel
  • Less purchases, waste and co2 emissions
  • Cheaper then mineralwater
  • Sustainable design
  • To buy or to rent
  • Easy to install and maintain

Bottles & Carafes

Our pretty design bottles (made of glass or stainless steel) are available in 350 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml, reusable and dishwasher safe.


Lemonade syrups

Make your own lemonade with WeTapWater+. Way better dan the mainstream brands. Only whats real and whats natural will make in in to our syrups.

Request our WeTapWater price list: 


It contains more information about the WeTapWater taps, glaswork, bottles and syrups. Fill in the form and you’ll directly receive all the information.

What people say about our tap:

“It radiates sustainabillity on all sides.”
Mark Daalderop, co-director - Titus Brandsma College
``The tap made of wood and steel shows that our employees find it important that we, as a big company, take responibility to look after our environment.”
Tom Kaars Sijpesteijn, managing director - Atradius Nederland
“ We receive many positive comments on our WeTapWater tap. Visitors and co-workers have interesting converstations on Dutch tapwater and sustainability. The tap fits perfectly into our vitality policy to help our employes make healthy choices.” Ronald van Es, financial director, Macaw.