WeTapWater tap at your school

A school also need to be a healthy environment. WeTapWater can help you with that! A WeTapWater tap is the ideal opportunity to offer kids a healthy alternative. Soda’s are full of sugar and might make the difference on a healthy weight for your students.

A WeTapWater tap can provide uncooled, cooled and sparkling water. This way, there is a solution for every school. The watercabinets are robustly made of wood and steel, hard to break so perfect for running and playing children. The special look and the infographic that comes with the cabinet stimulates children to drink more tapwater.

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WeTapWater installation

The taps are easy to realize. All you need is water connection ( a standard washing machine connection) and power (230V).


The watertap with communcation material like our wooden directional pointer and informational posters on sugar and the Plastic Soup. .

The WeTapWater taps

Our WeTapWater taps are plugged in to the excisting water connection and are made from sustainably extracted wood and (stainless) steel. It provides filtered, cooled and sparkling water. Delicious, local and sustainable. It saves on money, waste and CO2 emissions (ánd it looks really good).

WeTapWater has signed the agreement for healthy nutrition on schools 2016-2020.

WeTapWaer makes drinking water more fun:

1. More concentration
2. More energie
3. Positivity and happiness
4. Healthier weight
5. Better teeth

E-mail us and receive our price list for schools

E-mail us at info@krnwtr.nl to receive our price list with the options for your school. .

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What people say about the WeTapWater taps:

“ It radiates sustainabillity on all sides..”
Mark Daalderop, co-director- Titus Brandsma College
``The tap made of wood and steel shows that our employees find it important that we, as a big company, take responsibility to look after our environment.”
Tom Kaars Sijpesteijn, managing director - Atradius Nederland
“ We receive many positive comments on our WeTapWater tap. Visitors and co-workers have interesting conversations on Dutch tapwater and sustainability. The tap fiets perfectly into our vitality policy to help our employees make healthy choices.” Ronald van Es, financial director , Macaw.